The starting point of DSDC goes back to 2005 Coinciding with the establishment of the Acoustics and Vibrations Laboratory, funded by Tempus Program of the European Union to develop courses curricula in the Mechanical Engineering programs at Ain Shams University. Since then, the working team has succeeded in expanding and growing by proposing many research and educational projects funded by national and external agencies, all of which contributed to the development of the group’s human and technical resources. Then, the team succeeded in establishing the Virtual Reality lab in 2010 to be the first lab in Egypt to work in this field. In 2013, a fund from the Science and Technology Development for capacity-building helped to start establishing the Research Center for Acoustics, Vibrations and Smart Structures, as well as establishing the Energy and Climate Change Laboratory in 2018 and the Product Design Lab in 2019.

During this long period, our teamwork succeeded in acquiring many research, educational and applied research projects in cooperation with numerous academic partners as well as in expanding the Cluster fields of research topics to include many young researchers to work as assistants in these areas and qualify them to contribute to the scientific research community, as well as applied research and engineering services for industry in Egypt.

The Cluster also succeeded in establishing an integrated building that includes all the activities and laboratories that were established during the past years. This building is the outcome of all the projects that the Cluster has acquired, without burdening the Faculty or University’s budget with any costs in the construction or providing the equipment. Noting that in addition to the presence of advanced research laboratories, the building also includes modern control systems for energy, lighting, security, IT, acoustics, vibrations, electrical and cyber security, and building management in general, to be a model for academic facilities and buildings that fit with modern smart systems for university and non-university buildings. The building itself is an open laboratory integrating these systems to achieve the desired sustainable development.

The building was named the Acoustics Building, which is the name that the cluster has been known for over the past years. It was also agreed in 2021 to establish a new research center under the name of Dynamic and Digitization Systems Cluster to span the diverse spectrum of research fields, educational activities, and engineering services to which the Cluster is concerned.





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